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Clyde Health & Fitness


121 West Buckeye St. Clyde, Ohio

Thanks for your interest in the CHF Club. We feel we have more to offer than other clubs. What makes us truly different is our staff. We get involved with our members, we're not just a figure behind the counter. We have the friendliest balance in membership of men and women, young, and not as young.

We have it all; Aerobics, Nautilus, Cardio with Big-Screen TV's. Free weights, childcare room, climate controlled, Personal Training, Personalized workouts, etc, etc..

Unlike other facilities, we do not have sign-up fees and you do not have to obligate yourself to long-term commitments.

With that in mind, stop in and try us for a free - No obligation visit!

Staffed Hours

Monday 7am - 7pm
Tuesday 7am - 7pm
Wednesday 7am - 7pm
Thursday 7am - 7pm
Friday 7am - 6pm
Saturday 8am - Noon
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed

Key Club

For those who qualify, a personal key pin number can be assigned to you to come to the gym during closed hours. Although details will be explained upon qualifying, there are some things you need to know before applying...

If you qualify:
  • Key code rates vary with 1, 3, 6, or 12 month membership.
  • You must sign a separate waiver form where your drivers license and license plates numbers will be needed
  • Understand that the facility if under 24-hour surveillance and the breaking of the rules will result in a non-refundable suspension from the gym.

Membership Fees

  • Must present ID when signing up
  • Couples must be related by blood or marriage
  • 10% discount available for ages 50+ (with ID)
  • 10% discount for current/former military (with ID)
  • 10% discount if you LIVE and WORK outside 43410 zip-code
  • Prices do not include tax
  • Credit cards subject to 3% fee
  • No Sign-Up fees!
  Reg Couple Add Key
1 Month $ 29.95 $ 53.00 $ 5.00
3 Months $ 79.95 $ 139.00 $ 10.00
6 Months $ 149.95 $ 250.00 $ 15.00
12 Months $ 249.95 $ 429.00 $ 24.00
These rates haven't changed since 1997!
Our Aerobics area is ready for action!


Free with membership

Our club is now proud to offer aerobics free to our members.
Classes are tailored for all levels of fitness, all ages, and both genders.
Aerobics are taught in its own private area.

Mon & Thurs 7pm - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 9am
(Non-Members - 10 visits for $ 39.95)
Ask about our virtual aerobics!

Virtual Aerobics

Free with membership

We will project any one of our DOZENS of workout videos right over our BIG-SCREEN.
This is also done in our private aerobics area.

You can't skip a workout if you can bring your kid!

Child Care

Free with membership

The club now offers a Child Care facility for those who previously couldn't make it to a health club because of kids. Although you may bring YOUR child during open hours, know that it is unsupervised and at your own risk. We are very strict on our childcare rules including keeping your child inside the childcare room at at all times.

Personal training sessions available at an extra cost!

Personal Training

Added Costs

Don't forget, when you first join the club, we will teach you everything that you'll need to know to get started working out. That Orientation is on us!

However, we can even build you a specialized weight-training program designed specifically for developing the body you want.

Full range of sports supplements, just ask!

Sports Supplements

Associated Costs

We offer a full line of health drinks and meal replacement bars.
If you're short on time and can't stop to eat, hit our counter for a meal replacement bar, shake, or energy drink.
Although we don't carry every sports supplement in stock, we can order any supplement at a competitive price.

Please visit our stand or call!